Welcome to the United Kingdom’s newest low-cost virtual airline

About us

Piiq Airways are a brand new virtual low-cost airline flying all over the world from London-Southend airport. Our aim is to bring a fun and realistic experience back into flight simulators. We have an ever-growing fleet of airliners, jets and turboprops, painted in our stylish ‘piiq airways’ liveries. If you would like to join our fun network of virtual pilots, then contact us today… See you in the skies!

Our fleet

We offer you a wide variety of planes to fly. Beautyful handcrafted liveries and all kind of extras.
And the fun part is, you can basically choose any plane you like.

Airbus 320neo

Asobo / Fly by Wire

Boeing 787

Cessna CJ4

Asobo / Working Title

CRJ 550/700


Douglas DC-6

Daher TBM930

Asobo / Working Title



Flightmanagement MSFS2020

Crew page

Book your flights Simbrief integration


Hundreds of routes
All over the world


Anywhere, anytime, any plane


Variaty of hubs
Every continent


Beautiful handcrafted liveries


Badges for your achievements


Chat, information, have fun!


Join your fellow pilots, fly together


Explore new territory (coming soon)

Why should I join piiq airlines?

Let’s face it, since lockdowns happened across the world because of the pandemic, there are now lots of virtual airlines to choose from, some are recently launched like ourselves & some have been around since the early 1990’s, but here are some of the reasons why you should consider joining piiq airlines:

  • Unscheduled flights (fly whatever time YOU want to), live time and weather is not a requirement either.
  • Free flight (want to fly to or from a destination that isn’t on the list? Okay!! – just file it on free flight and away you go) – you will still gain piiq airlines hours for your flight as well.
  • Acars flight tracker – this is the software which monitors your flight, its easy to install and get set up and running.
  • Fly any plane – most va’s require you to use a specific aircraft, with piiq airlines you can fly anything you like, from the 787-10 to something military.
  • Discord Chat – Join us on Discord,  for help with acars, help with flight sim, help with setting up… or just to talk about the weather… we are a friendly bunch, that are pretty much like family.

At piiq airlines we offer more than your average virtual airline,  and we are also quite relaxed on ‘rules’ compared to other va’s.

We also offer a wide choice of flights,  from hubs in England, Dubai,  the USA & Perth W.A.
Either short hops, mid range flights or fly long haul between hubs.

What are you waiting for?
Come and be part of the piiq airlines family!


We are proud to be based at London Southend airport. Piiq Airways are their largest virtual airline.

And with hubs all over the world you can fly everywhere, taking in the full beauty of globe.

I joined piiq when I saw it on Facebook, looked into va's and thought it would give me a reason to fly... and I wouldn't want to be in any other VA because of the environment at piiq... I have a disability which means I don't know how I'm gonna feel from one day to the next, so I love the fact that I can fly any time I like.. not to mention the practically family chat on discord we have all the time.....

I joined piiq after I saw one of your post and you recruited me. Very easy to join and everyone has been super helpful to a new simmer like myself. Fly anywhere, anytime, and stress free are the main key points that kept me away from other VA’s that take things to serious.

I have been flying for about 10 years now in Flight Simulator X and now MSFS. I usually do solo flights and tend not to roam into the multiplayer elements of the game. However, after finding out about Piiq airways, every flight is a Piiqairways flight. The members are so friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. The feature I love the most if that, I can fly anytime I like. Being from Singapore, there is always a time difference and being able to fly at my own time really helps. Their easy to use ACARS and Crew Center is a breeze and I have never found any errors. I would definitely recommend this to any fellow pilots be it new or experienced.

Special thanks to Comeflywithme Simulations for providing us with the beautiful background video’s.